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John Girard, CEO, Clickability

While installed content management systems are slow to evolve, Clickability’s model of continuous, on demand innovation lets our customers work with us to create the future now. John Girard explains how “service” in the DNA and rapid iteration in the development team can prevent extinction, empower your staff and recession-proof your business.

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Jeff Freund, CTO, Clickability

The traditional “waterfall” development model works just fine with a roadmap that’s carved on stone tablets and describes a once-every-three-year product release cycle. This is not how Software as a Service works. Jeff Freund presents in detail how the Clickability development team operates—daily scrums, month-long projects, the continuous release of platform features and tweaks—and how user requirements help us write our roadmap on the fly.

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Denise Shiffman, Marketing Strategist, Principal - Venture Essentials


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